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So Alberta what do you think of Rose Quartz and Serenity? ?They remind me of the beautiful skies at sun set and sun rise and who does not love looking at those! All of the colours of the year come from nature, a fresh look at colours most people have shyed away from for a while.


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When designing a bathroom to have a clean finished look, run your tile continuously and wainscot the walls with your tile. Then run your backsplash at the same height surrounding the room. It is a little more money (about 300.00),?but the bathroom is a wet zone so we do not want to have soggy baseboards. Plus, tile is much easier to clean than dry wall and paint. Your final product will be finished fabulously and you will have the ?designer finish? everyone loves to have!


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When using dramatic colours in a small space, make sure the perimeter of your space is consistent and your eye can travel from element to element with an easy flow.

Using dark cabinetry with a dark wall and floor colour in a similar tone allows your eye to flow with very little contrast, which tricks the brain into thinking the space appears larger. Contrast and no colour will make spaces appear smaller.

Keeping the centre island light in colour allows a light and airy feeling in the centre. If we would have used dark cabinetry, the island would have felt heavy in the middle of the room.

We kept the dramatic feel of the room with amazing hand blown red glass light fixtures. Designing a fabulous room is all contingent on staying consistent with the feeling you want to evoke when you walk into your space.

This kitchen is warm and inviting, with a European flare: perfect for our home owners!


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Do not use an area rug that?s too small for your space! Entry way rugs should be as large as your space allows. They can close off the air vent at the entrance. Remember, people need to feel welcome when coming to your home, not squished or uncomfortable coming in. It also allows a place for dirty shoes!