Interior design involves problem solving, imagination, inventiveness and inspiration.

I might suggest a redesign, or signal slight modifications to an existing plan and reorganize what’s already there. Simple changes to textures and fabrics may be all it takes to reintroduce a “wow factor” and bring a tired, dated room back to life.

If a space has truly lost its purpose and no longer fits your needs or lifestyle, I may propose a renovation.

Either way, the end result needs to create the desired ambience. At the same time, it also needs to define the room’s function and stand up to your day-to-day routine. Trust me to guide you toward a well-considered design that achieves these two goals.

Redesign and Renovation

Redesign and renovation are fluid, and solid client relationships are central to the entire process. I’m sensitive to my client’s frustrations. I strive to keep the lines of communication open, offer assurances and persuade clients to stay the course.



Simple changes to textures and fabrics may be all it takes to reintroduce a “wow factor” and bring a tired, dated room back to life.

I’ll visit your home two to four times. Each of these one-hour appointments is an exploration: I’ll ask about your budget, tastes and needs. We’ll discuss what your spaces need to do and where they fall short. I’ll probe to find out what you love and don’t like about your home.

Don’t worry about tidying. If dirty dishes pile up in your dark, dated kitchen or you’ve got a seasons worth of coats piled on the bed, let’s talk about that. It’s part of what you may not like about your current space. Seeing these pain points for myself will guide conversations about ways to add more counter space, storage or light.

I’ll take stock of what’s in your home and make suggestions and recommendations. Then, we’ll discuss various options to help you understand the pros and cons of particular choices.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make sound decisions and learn to love your space again.



If your rooms have truly lost their purpose and no longer fit your needs or lifestyle, I may propose a renovation. Although my approach and process remain the same, each renovation is different: key decisions depend on the size, shape and function of the space, as well as on client’s budget, needs and interests.

A renovation starts with an initial one-hour client meeting during which I rely on keen observation of your living space and ask questions your design budget, aspirations, lifestyle and preferences form, light, texture and scale.

Renovation Process

– I visit your home and make notes about what’s already there.
– What do you need from your space? What must it do? What’s on your wish list?
– This consultation and analysis let me explore an idea and start the design process.
– I then develop a drawing to show you what the renovation might look like.
– Now that you’ve seen the sketch, you’re dying to pick out your lighting, flooring, tile fixtures, and cabinetry.
– I’ll take you to granite yards, floor suppliers, tile stores and other vendors and ensure that you understand the pros and cons of various products and design applications. This knowledge lets you make wise buying decisions.
– Once you’ve chosen your surfaces, finishes and fixtures, I ask contractors (kitchen designer, electrician, plumber) for their input and modify my plan if necessary.I’ll then give you a quote, present your contract and collect your deposit.
– This is where demolition begins. You’re well on your way to your dream space.
– Everything has been torn down to create a fresh start, and now the rebuild begins. your space is starting to take shape. You’ll bear witness to an odd mix of old and new, drywall dust and drop cloths. Stay the course!
– Time for the big reveal! Did you imagine that your space could be entirely practical while forming a dramatic focal point within your home? Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space.
– Thank you for allowing me to bring your vision to life!