About Me

I’m Valerie Kosik-Sawyer,

owner of Tren-Des Design, an interior design company serving St. Albert and surrounding areas.

My love of design began in early childhood: my eastern European heritage shaped my love of colour, and I admired my French ancestor’s sense of style.

I carried my passion for form, space, light and design into my twenties, when I worked in and later owned high-end ladies wear stores. I became somewhat of a personal stylist, advising customers about colour, fabric and texture. I was also involved in visual merchandising, designing displays and store interiors.

I then saw an opportunity to marry all of my interests and talents. Did I jump at it?

You bet I did!

It’s crystal clear what my calling is:

I went on to study business, architecture, staging and interior design. I had been designing interior spaces informally for nearly twenty years, so why not make this my full-time living? I launched my business in 2007 and have been designing residential and commercial interiors for over a decade.

I stay abreast of current and emerging trends by attending product fairs, workshops and demonstrations by leading industry vendors such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Hunter Douglas.

When not offering interior design services, I enjoy time with my husband, our three miniature schnauzers, and our two children Trenton and Mercedes, for whom my company is named.