Over time, homeowners discover that spaces within their home lose their true purpose. Rooms become less responsive to lifestyle requirements and instead scream of a lack of imagination and aesthetics.

If this seems all too familiar and the prospect of transforming your house truly terrifying, don’t worry. This is where interior design services can help. Trust me to interpret your requirements, distinguish the must-haves from the nice-to-haves, and create a profile that identifies and targets your needs, interests and lifestyle.

My Services Include:

  • Custom window coverings, including drapery and Hunter Douglas blinds
  • Custom bedding
  • Colour consultations
  • Space planning
  • Furniture, artwork and accessory shopping
  • Selecting light fixtures and planning a lighting scheme
  • Choosing finishes and flooring
  • Renovation design
  • Staging to live
  • Staging to sell

Consultation Services

Even if you’re not yet ready to commit to a full renovation, I’d still like to offer you my $300 in-home consultation services. Let me get to understand your needs and aspirations, all from the comfort of your living space. I’ll meet with you for up to three hours, identify your concerns about your space and offer suggestions tailored to your budget and preferences.

You’re under no obligation to move forward with your renovation, but if you later decide to proceed, you’re always welcome to reach out to me.

Staging to live

Each element in a home tells a unique story. Similarly, every object, surface, fixture or piece of furniture responds to a particular need and has a purpose or intention.

Staging your home is a way to communicate this story: I meet with clients, look through their treasures and determine how they’d like their home to feel. I then arrange furniture, add area rugs and hang pictures to create vignettes throughout your living space that make each room feel comfortable.

That’s only half of the equation: rooms also need to function well. For instance, if you plan to use a spare bedroom as an office, you’ll need to see enough to work: there needs to be a desk lamp, floor lamp or even a new ceiling fixture.

Or, if you’re planning a gallery wall in your living room, I arrange your photos chronologically to tell your family’s story.

Staging to sell

Staging to sell a home is completely different from staging to live. Here, we’re looking to make your home attractive to potential buyers, specifically, buyers we know may be house hunting in your area.

When staging to sell your home, we remove from it things that identify your personal tastes, aspirations and passions.

We still want the prospective buyers to feel your home is warm and welcoming, but do they really need to see your great-grandparent’s wedding photo, your cat’s bed or the Lego spaceships your child made last weekend?